Practice. That is something I do alot of. I have Master Poker and actually play both play and real money. I heard that you cannot really learn from playing play money games, but I disagree. Play money does teach you how to deal with unpredectable maniacs. Those same maniacs turn into real money players sooner or later. Plus it does save alot of money as you learn the game. I even use WSOP: Bracelet of Champions. Why? It is the only software that offers game variety like Holdem, Stud or Omaha. Sure you are not going up against real world class players, but it allows one to learn the basics until you progress to online or live play. I research many different poker sites for info and look at many different training or sessions videos. one cannot just play all the time and just improve their game from that. I keep a database of all that I do. I am finally keeping notes on other players. I review each session in detail. My game has improved. I am not saying I am ready for the Main Event today, but someday it will happen. I keep a journal which i review regularly and can see the changes over time. Everyone has their own way of doing things. This works for me. So, Allen Iverson is wrong. You do need to practice.