Why is it that no one understands poker is entertainment.  I do not mean amongst poker players (who many might argue it is work, but I would think most classified as for fun) but rather society in general.  Most non-players simply classify it as "gambling" that horrible umbrella term that inspires pictures of old men at the track in trucker hats, pencil in the ear, cigar in mouth, ripping up losing tickets and cursing at the ground as they kick their empty beer cans and walk home shamefully to hang themselves after losing their families life savings on a horse named "She's the Fastest!"  Okay I may have gone a little too far on that one... but I seriously think that is the image that is running through my parents, brothers, friends and significant others minds when I tell them I am playing poker... no one would make a face or question if you simply explained you spent $100 at the bar last night trying to pick up some random floozy at the local pub... so why do people cringe when I tell them I am going to stay-in this weekend and play the Micro Millions.  At least in my case I don't run the chance of getting a DUI, arrested, in a fight, an std or heaven forbid a child... as a result of a one night stand... or consider someone else, on a more positive note, simply spending their $100 on a concert or sporting event ticket... what makes their decision any better than mine?  I would argue, depending on the event chosen, that we would have roughly the same amount of fun.  The fun scale varying of course if you have a bad beat or end up winning a tournament (in both cases however you probably had a fun roller-coaster ride of adrenaline supplying the kicks you were looking for).  I am sick of hearing people say "you know what you could have done with that $250 you lost at poker last month?"...  The fact is I had a lot of fun, learned something (probably), got a little better and passed the time doing something I love.  So unless you want me to question your alternatives next time you sleep with a random from Paddy's or come home from a shitty Lady Gaga concert... back off... I made my choices and I am standing by them... Oh, and when I win (as I have been known to do on occassion) you will be a lot more likely to be at my celebration party had you supported me while I spent my "entertainment" money on Poker rather then lectured me about money pooly spent!