Wel thats what it feels like from where im playing. This time last year Id won my first mmt 1st out of just 4000 runners magic $2.75 buy-in 7.5k gtd played perfectly all nite took it down in the early hours sunday morning no problems.

Since then its as though my play has hit an all time low mixture of bad play and proper hard to believe consistant bad beats.

So does anyone think your play can get worse?

As   for bad beats It seems to be a month of bad beats on the river software stalling then a bad beat comes usually when covered by opponent in chips. 

Ive been rivered more times this week/month than any other time cant get my head around it.  Idiots getting rewarded for bad play. ahead by miles but some crazy turn or river to end my game. once twice maybe even 3 times but not all the time aaaaahhhhh.

Prem league I'm in freefall one good day all month, seems like i'm missing a trick.

Maybe some people just dont have the 'bingo luck' needed to be a winner.

Anyone else get weeks or months of nothing but bad beats??

How much can u take I'm nearly done with it all.....