Ever had one of those tables,  everyones quiet except for the occasional  nh compliment...and the boredom is murder?  or  Your on a table that  you luck up on and you learn some info about playing  that greatly improves ur game from a player who has a solid upper ranking?

But the best you can hope for is a table that you actually have fun at? I found that the other night with not only good card players but, also a blast to play with verbally...I havent laughed and had so much fun as the other night...:lol: .

What a relief after haveing a so so day playing in multiple tourneys that day. The long hours of watching newbies "luck" up with rotten cards going all in and  playing most every hand...:roll: all the while ur just treading water to stay alive......Playing minimal hands to gain little advantage  or catching a hand every 3 or 4 rounds of blinds.....truely is a test of patience !!!!!!

Theres nothing more rewarding when you get to that one rare table, When PS deciedes to poof you to another table and a little light goes on as you enter the room and people are actually  haveing fun???? Chatting it up, Laughing and actually being human  and not just being robots with cards and chips.  before u know it  the time passes as if the day just started and yur sitn with your buds thrown back a few and enjoying the day. As if you been friends since childhood!  And all that BS running around your head from previous games and tables disappear....Its no longer a chip and a chair..WOW..am i dreaming?
finally your a part of something that actually perks you up clears head and everyone is makeing gains without complaints or bitch'n about the guy thats sucked you out?  While everyone there makeing Proper bets, playing good cards, and everyones common goal  is not only finishing in the top 3rd of the field, But, make playing poker here a pleasureable experience!!!!  

You guys know who you are as i guess i wont be a name dropper. Just wanted to say thanks for a great time! and along with the serious side for the men and women of the armed forces past and present... who allow us the FREEDOMS we know and enjoy everyday!

SEMPER FI !!!!!!!!:-D

See ya at the tables!

Poker is a Marathon...
"Not" a Sprint................

See you at the Finish Line !!!