Here it is a new month and already i am going backwards....I just cant seem to figure out why ....I get good preflop cards  usually in the first hour i only call top5 cat hands.....and get beat by some guy whos play i s so loose and bets on anything and ends up knockn me out....Usually its the lower ranked players....The flop is good so i make my bet(3Xbb)  and i get 1  or 2 calls and the next thing i know i have a good hand and the turn and the river give them a better hand by them playn rags.....Im sso tired of it....and or even the worst is then get-n  donked out..... Its sooo frustrateing it really makes me feel like not even playing....period and just remove myself from PokerStars all together....Maybe ii WILL JUST GO BACK TO PLAYN SOLITARE AGAINST THE the very least if i make a mistake i wont get taken out of the game !!!!!!!!!!!!