Well i tried to apply my best and tightest game play...One of my highest PSO Tourney finishes was 144th wohoo got 8cents....last week...Well, today i played what i thought was rather well and finished out of the money...but did manage a comperable finish at 299th.(thats good for me)..unfortunately or fortunately i got to play with a 320 something ranked player. i knew i was doing well however,, him and i played at least 7 or 8 hands against each other and whether i had trips. he'd have a straight...or if i was on a straight, He'd kill me with a flush. Tha last hand we played i had a full house figureing i had finally beat him at least 1 hand...BUT<  Noooooo  he had a larger one!  bad beat? naw i dont think so...its just poker...I still have a lot to learn..

But i still consider it a win..as i placed fairly high and got a decent ranking.(not that im a top player ) cause im not..But, i did improve!  thats a plus considering i have just been playing brain dead in a lot of previous
Games and just get frustrated and dumpout....

Then i tried playing  in this last tourney at 530..and went out almost immediately...What an idiot i was...I really wasnt mentally there..and just said i better get out and quick.... as I need a recharge before i take on the next one at 10pm... Maybe i will see u there.. If u see me  say hello!   

See ya at the Tables!!!!