I seem to be on a down hill slide......confidence is at an all time low... i know playn scared doesnt get the job done...whats the best way to reset and come back strong?...i have tried sitn out and re grouping...and try to give myself a clean break....The hard part for me is geting good preflop cards and then catch something decent on the flop...however, u get guys that are calling on what u think would never be cards that u would  ever play..and u get banged...this seems to happen a lot to me lately...is this a lesson in humility? or is it just dumb luck....Maybe because its happened to me by players that are rated lower than i?  maybe im just stuck in the middle of improveing or falling ???? Or might i be on the brink of greatness??  any help figureing this out would be greatly appreciated....Has this happened to anyone else? or is it just me?