Blinds are 1000/2000   9 in the cut off....holding pocket queens.. flop comes 9  3  7  rainbow,
8 out of 9 call  for the bb,  so, i figure i will pick up the blinds and bet 5000.everyone folds but 1 guy and he calls, the turn is a 2, so i figured he was on a possible, i bet   3000, just to see if i get a call,(figureing he wouldnt) this guys on the button next to me hes lookn at me ..and then he says all he's been a slow player all nite and playing loosely. I figure he's got a small pair so i call he calls me with AJ spades....i figure no problem i got this,
wouldnt you know it the river is a fricken Ace....thought i would at the very least dbl up my 40K  but no he's the 2nd biggest stack..and has 65K maybe i should have gone all in after the flop...not to sure what was the correct play. but i never figured anyone to call after the flop....any advice would be greatly appreciated...

Frustrate and stumped