I finished 10th...why  because i let my brain think i had a lock on the hand.....instaed of playing tight and smart.....i was four to a flush  holding AK diamond...and get beat by 2 pair  .....what an idiot i should have payed more attention instead of clicking all in...what an idiot..yes according to the teachings dont go ALL-in  my fault!. but if you got the cards call the all-ins....
yes play like a big stack  ...but i think i should have just gone with the flow like i did all nite.

shame on me!.

however today im still try'n to qualify for a shot at the pca. But i just hate all the frickn bingo players..it really takes away from the "startegy" of the game and u end up with a lot of endless beats....am i the only one who noticed this? or is this normal? i think not.. i have even sat out  hopeing to avoid this til late in the session when bb are 200 or more...and still i just cant seem to get away from those "idiot" players....help!!!!