The New Year is always an exciting time as we poker players like to list our goals for the coming year. Whether you're relishing the good fortune of the previous year or if you're licking your wounds for a more promising 2011, it's refreshing to hit the reset button and give it another whirl! As for me, I want to finish the "Six Months of Micro" Challenge I've set for myself. Also, I think I'm going to spend more time playing cash this year and since I'm 24 tabling, I'd like to play at least 1 million hands of NLH. Here's to hoping we all stay ahead of the game!

I have now completed the second month of SMOM and I'm seeing a steady climb in my bankroll. Overall, I can say I'm pleased with my progress. I look to maintain my pace or possibly even better it since I'm going to play a lot of NLH cash. I've looked forward to the VIP Stellar Rewards resetting, now I can factor those bonuses in as rakeback. It'd be nice if I could get GoldStar status this month, which would boost my rakeback a little bit, but I'm not going to hold my breath. I'm uncertain as to how much I can play and since I'm committed to playing only 1/2 and 2/5 cent stakes, it makes it tough. I have no doubts that once the SMOM is over I can achieve and maintain GoldStar status. 

Bankroll: $868.21 (Previous: $814.32)

2nd Month Profit: $109.73

Everyone creates their own luck.