Me and my wife just found out this week that we are to have our first child!  I can’t express how excited I am to become a father.  The feeling I’ve had over the last couple of days far exceeds any accomplishment I’ve ever had.  Along with the great feeling comes nervousness as I just want everything to go well with the pregnancy and I want the baby to be healthy. I’ve heard people talk about these mixed emotions before and I’ve never fully understood it, until now of course! I do feel blessed we were able to take a few years to enjoy time with ourselves and travel a little bit before we have our first child,  basically be a little selfish and have fun, haha.  My wife wants to move to part-time with her work when our baby is born and we are already in a position now that she will be able to do just that, it’s been such great timing.

Ahhh, I promise I have friends and family, I really do… but, I can’t just share it with them, it’s gotta be the world ya know?  It’s just too good of a feeling :wink:

So, since this is a poker blog… I have purchased a 21.5” widescreen  monitor this week and I’ve downloaded the free trial of Table Ninja. I instantly loved both.  I’m running dual monitors with my laptop. I can now view up to 18 tables on the widescreen alone with no overlap and honestly, I don’t know why I’ve waited so long to get Table Ninja. It would have been of great help even when I was 6-8 tabling. Now, I’m 16-24 tabling and it’s a huge asset. I’ve been multi-tabling cash games, but will begin rotating SNG’s in sometime soon. I’ll probably start with 12 table SNG sessions.  I’ve been having break even/slightly losing sessions at 24 tables of fast tables, but it’s essential I keep at it as it will make 12 tabling SNG’s feel like a breeze.  Being a former college athlete I view it like conditioning in sports.

This concludes my first ever mid-week update of my blog.  Let’s remember to take some time away from the tables and have a wonderful Christmas with our families J

Everyone creates their own luck.