After taking a hit in week 5, I followed up with a solid week six to more than make up for it. I profited $65.88 for the week, which does include a $50 stellar reward bonus. So, only $15.88 is actual profit from my play. I played about 25 SNG's this week, a couple MTT's and about 9,000 hands of NLH, PLO8, and PLO combined, while playing anywhere from 16-24 tables on average. If I play break even or slightly losing poker I will still come out ahead in the end due to the VPP/FPP program. I can play profitably at 12-14 tables, but become a loser beyond that. It wasn't too long ago I was a losing player if I played more than six tables. I just need to continue to plug my leaks and continue to condition myself playing more than 14 tables. I hope to eventually be playing 24 tables and showing a profit.

I'm thinking about shooting for Gold Star this month, but it's extremely difficult for me to do playing 1/2 cent and 2/5 cent stakes. It will require me to get about 2k points in the last 10 days of the month, which is very doable for someone who has the time, but that someone isn't me If I decide to cut back on some sleep and play an hour or two longer each night I could probably get it. I just don't know if I want to make that sacrifice. I have the next two weeks off with only a couple of days I'll be out of town visiting family. I wonder if I can make a run at a $1k bankroll to close out month #2 of Six Months of Micro?

Bankroll : $811.45 (Previous: $745.57)

Everyone creates their own luck.