I am now one month into my Six Months of Micro and although I am pleased with my progress of a $61.74 profit, I was really hoping to cross the $100 mark. However, as I’ve pointed out in my previous entries I really didn’t play that much during the last four weeks. My life outside of poker has been pretty exciting with the likes of a job interview, passing my NBPTS certification for a nice pay raise, and traveling to be with family during Thanksgiving. With those things serving as distractions (albeit positive) it has been a good first month.
I did reach my goal of Silverstar even though I had to grind out over 200 points in the last two days of November. I achieved this by playing a couple of hours each day and 12-15 tables of 6 handed .02/.05 PLO. I thought about trying for Goldstar this month but I think that may be a little unrealistic for me, playing at the lowest of stakes and what little time I’m able to put in. I’m still playing rec. volleyball and now I’m playing basketball, which both take up my time to play in the evening. But, my health > poker!  I will have two weeks off for Christmas and New Year’s, so I should be able to play a lot more SNG’s and add some MTT’s to the mix compared to playing mostly cash this last month. Maybe I can more than double what I earned this last month?  We shall see!
Bankroll:$758.48 (Previous: $745.98)
1st Month profit: $61.74
Everyone creates their own luck!