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It has been another tough week to get in much poker. Once again, I played a few thousand hands, 99% of it 1/2 cent plo8. I am overdue for a week of grinding hard at cash and SNG's. Thanksgiving week is usually pretty tough for me to play but I had aspirations of playing more this year, it just didn't work out. Because of low volume it's going to be tough for me to get Silverstar status for this month. I currently have 486.5 points but look to grind pretty hard to get the remaning 263.5 points between now and Tuesday night.

As for bonuses, I am 54 pts away from clearing a $10 bonus. This is leftover from my $20 deposit (moved cash from Bodog) and PokerStars matched it 100%. If you haven't looked into to PokerStars' Poker School Online, you need to check it out. If you pass the SNG quiz and you deposit for the first time, you get six $3.40 SNG tickets. If you're reloading like I did, they give you a 100% bonus on $20 deposit. You have a whopping six months to clear the bonus and it's released in $10 increments for each 250 pts you get. Also, I am 751 pts from clearing a $50 Stellar Reward bonus. In addition to this I will have 4500 pts in a few weeks to which gives me the option to purchase a $50 bonus out of the VIP store. It's not one of the best values for pts, but since I'm focusing on building a roll I may use it.

If I use the $50 bonus from the VIP store, that means I will have earned $247 in bonuses this year, which is pretty good for only playing micro stakes poker. I'm hoping Stars will keep their Stellar Reward program for 2011 because I hope to clear more of those bonuses, hopefully beating this year's personal best record. This year I didn't even clear the first $10 bonus until June because of not being able to play much the first part of the year. I will be able to play my normal amount of poker in the first half of 2011 so you can see why I have increased expectations.

I'm off to accumulate more points!

Bankroll: $745.98 (Previous: $738.01)

Everyone creates their own luck.