This update is to be a little short because I didn't play much this last week and me and the wifey are heading out for a little Christmas shopping in a few. I played nothing but micro cash games this week and just logged a couple thousand hands or so. This was a big week for me career-wise. I had an administration job interview and I found out my results for my National Board Certification for teachers. The job interview went well but there were several good applicants and I did not get the position. However, it was my first interview for an administrative-type job and I gained valuable experience for any future interviews. On a much happier note, I passed my NBC and I am the highest ranked teacher I can be, Rank 1 with National Certification. I'm ecstatic as my salary just jumped over $6k

Poker highlight of the week: Not much of a highlight, but I cleared $10 of a $20 bonus from moving some $ over from Bodog.

Bankroll: $738.01 (previous: $726.21)

Everyone creates their own luck.