Note: SMOM = Six Months of Micro (Not a sexy mom update :-) )

I expect to at minimum update my SMOM every Sunday morning. If you're reading this for the first time, this is a highlight of what I'm doing:

Six months of micro stakes

-I will not play any tourney higher than $2.20
- I will not play any NL/PL cash games higher than .02/.05
-I will not play any limit games higher than .05/.10
-If I win satellites to larger tourneys I will take the T$ unless I don't have the option.

I have not had a chance to play a whole lot over the last week because of my job/coaching responsibilities and some other life happenings outside of poker. However, I still managed to grow my bankroll $29.47. This came from some NL hi/lo SNG play as well as playing .01/.02 NLH, PLO, and PLO8. I cleared the 4,000 VPP Stellar Reward on Stars as well, which equaled $10. I did not play any on Bodog this week.

I will try to play more this week although this is a big week for me outside of poker. There is a possible job promotion looming that involved me moving to an administrative position within our school district. Also, I find out Friday if I passed the National Certification test for teachers. I am super excited/nervous about both but I'll try to push that excitement to the side and play some poker!

Bankroll: $726.21 (previous: $696.74)

Everyone creates their own luck.