Hi all

In this post i will write about my favorite video from all the videos from Poker School Online.I have watched almost all of them and i can't really say which is the best.In fact they all are.But you should definitely check out the video from nananoko about evaluating post flop.

You all know who is nananoko right?For those who don't Randy Lew a.k.a. nananoko is one of the best online players in the world,maybe the best cash game player.He is winning milions every year constantly making profit.And here you got videos from him absolotely free?!You have to use that in your advatange.People are paying a lot to get coaching from skilled players and you are getting that for free that's awesome!

About the video:it has 2 parts.By watching those you will improve your poker game for sure.It might look too basic at first look but don't be fooled.Watching this video is a must.Texas Holdem is not just a preflop game.You can't just play all in and fold.You need to play some post flop hands and overplay you opponents.Randy Lew will teach you how.You will realise which flops are good for continuation bet and which flops aren't for continuation bet.On which flops your hand is strong and on which it isn't.You will see that there are dry flops in which most of the time your opponent doesn't hit and you need to attack.There are flops in which even your overpair looks weak and you should pot control and maybe fold.But i won't write the whole video here go to videos section and watch it you won't be sorry about time spent on it.

Best of luck see ya at some final table i hope