Many people when hear the word "poker" are thinking that this is the most gambling game and the people who play it are the most desparate trying to make their living with no effort. If I have to be honest, a year ago I was thinking the same way, before start playing and learning it. And now I realize that in Poker anyone can take your money only if you give it to him. In Poker you don`t play against the casino, but against people. The last thing that Holdem is is a card game. It is a game of phsycology, self control and mathematics. 

Why then it is still considered as a gambling game and is being banned in many countries? Is this a part of some global conspiracy? Or there are people, who contributes for this reputation by playing mad and rely on their luck?

Indeed the worlds famous brain game - chess - also can be considered as a gambling if you put money for each figure. 

What about the stock exchange - isn`t it the biggest gambling game, that rules the whole world.

What about the real life - every day we stand for decisions, some times hard, sometimes easy. We take risks and get awarded for that or get busted.

That`s what I can compare Poker - with the real life.