Well It's almost the end of the year and, I hope you all have had a profitable run of cards. I decided to get a HUD just a short time ago and thanks to the helpful people at PSO I've had it up and running for a while. I wanted to share a few thoughts about the HUD, and how it might improve your game if you are considering trying one. I chose to use Free Poker DB - it has a live HUD for cash games and tournaments, and all sorts of useful statistics to look at after your sessions + it's free! I really like the free part! If you want to change the information gathered by the program for the live display it can be somewhat difficult - epescially if you want to keep colors and the likes functioning. 


If anyone would like help changing the config.xml let me know. I'll do another post.

SO what fun is having a HUD without posting a graph? Wheeee!


So that is about all for now. Comments and/or questions are welcome and appreciated! Good luck on the felt and may the force be with you.