Just wanted to share what I hope will be some useful advice for PSO members who play in cash games. I think this advice can be useful at any level. Here it is: 

1. Before you sit at a table or multi-table write down on a piece of paper your bankroll total.
2. Close the Cashier window now because you know how much you are starting with.
3. Go Play!! 
4. When you decide it is time to quit, visit the Cashier again. Mark in you new balance; plus or minus.
5. Think about it. 
6. Study more if you posted a negative balance for the session or over a few sessions and try to improve.
7. Study more if you posted a positive balance because there is always room to improve.
8. Think about it.
9. Go to step 1. when you feel you are ready to play again. 

So how does this work? Well you can keep track of exactly what happens every time you sit at the virtual felt and you will remember better what happened. For example I had a good winning streak at 0.01/0.02 micros over the weekend:

+ 0,08

but then something familiar happened near the end of the weekend - I relaxed; and without a clear plan...


whoops!! OK. So I studied some old notes and thought about what to do - conclusion: Tighten up a bit and play better (I'm not going to give away hand strategies here, but I had a good discussion with myself about how I should try to improve.) ...


Then during the next session I had a bad beat at 0.01/0.02.. but I knew I was playing good so I switched to 0.10/0.25 in the middle if my session:

+ 4.72



A word of caution here - I was sort of on tilt when I moved up to the 0.10/0.25 and I can't recommend this for anyone and not even myself!! I had alot at risk and that is definitely not a good idea. No excuses here. Rather than moving up in blinds to "get it back" I should set a LOSS LIMIT for myself. I suggest if you are down 30 - 60 big blinds or so... quit. Think about it. Good luck - and thanks for reading my blog! Hope what I wrote is clear enough to be helpful