To all i've played with at the tables,

I'd like to thank you for all the times you've drawed me out, Ko'd me from a tourny, or given me a bad beat.  These are the momemts that have helped me become a better player as I analyze my mistakes and try to plug the leaks in my game.  

It hasn't been all bad luck.  I've been able to take a few down as well, and oh what a feeling it is to be the last 1 standing.  After about 2 months of play,  i've managed to break even.  First up about 9.50$, then down 4$, untili now ahead .50c.  

Unfortunately the game moves so fast, I've been unable to really get to know many of my international foes, as chatting and small talk seem to be generally frowned upon.  I learned the hard way how the big talker usually goes down quick....It would be nice if there was a live chat room, outside of the game tables where we could chat and learn from each other more.... I guess this blog is it.

Well I look forward to playing with you all in the future.... Good Luck!