Lately I have been playing the cards dealt to me. I get a little stack comparibably to everyone else and get closer to the bubble. After surviving the donks and push monkeys early on it's now time to battle the big stacks. Everybody at the table seems to be equally in chips, then out of now where the player shows up with 20,000 to my mear 3,000 in chips. After the over bets preflop because he can take down the pots with his stack.  I come upon AA, KK or a multitude of AKs or AQs(which loses for me most of the time) and presto the big stack again push an over bet preflop and I reraise with the larger hand. He then push me all in with countless number of junk J3o, K9o just for example. As I'm all in with domination he or she most of the time catches a two pair, trips, or some ungodly hand of a run or a runner, runner, runner, runner, flush. Plain and simple I've received bad beats on normal card tables and was able to say o'well that is poker, but in the last few days I have dropped money and moral as I'm scared to play even my best hands. Is really having a larger stack that much better than having the better hand?

This is not just at the PSO level, but all over this website, and I find it unbelievable that this can take place.  Either it is premeditated that that person is going to win or it is big stack favortism.

Thank you for the time,
Kevin (stoned2death)