Hello All,

February ended up being a strong month with better results then I ever would have expected.
I somehow managed to 20X my $20 initial investment and have been able to maintain discipline along the way. You may be asking yourself how I was able to do this so I will provide a brief explanation.

I started off playing 25¢ and 50¢ 45 and 90 S&G’s and the 10¢ MTT’s and was not having much success. I was only able to finish ITM 4 times in my first 52 attempts. My first notable win came at one of the 10¢ MTT’s where I managed to finish 4th for a payout of $23. I continued with the 25¢ and 50¢ 45 and 90 S&G’s and decided to try my hand at the $1 level on a 180 S&G and as luck would have it I finished 1st and ended up wining a $49 payday. At this put it was crucial for me to remind myself to continue to stay at the micro levels as was the original plan laid out in the first place. In the past I would pat myself on the back for all the great hands I won and start playing at higher stakes oblivious to the notion of bankroll management and end up having to reload in no time at all.

On to the next notable win a few days later where I honestly believe I played the best and most disciplined poker I have ever played. It was at a $1 MTT where I made the final table and finished 5th for a whooping $110 payout. These types of tournaments with 2K plus entrants can often be seen as a lottery and not suited for everyone. However I find myself gravitating towards this type of game structure as I alter my playing style to adapt to it.
It would be unfair of me not to attribute some of the success I‘ve had thus far to having played the PSO Open skill league. This tournament structure is awesome at teaching you patience’s and discipline in a huge field and I doubt I would have had any success without having played in them often. The fact that there are some nice cash payouts is only a bonus IMO.
Ok so now I’m feeling good about my play and I’m having some moderate success at the S&G’s but I keep reminding myself of the importance to stay laser focused on my Time Vault commitments.

On to the next win which came ten days later at a $1 MTT with again 2K plus entrants. I made it to the final table 4th in chips and was playing some solid poker. Yes of course I sucked out a few times along the way and my cards held up when they needed to, but I am feeling much better about winning this one then I ever have. When we finally get heads up, I’m at a 2 to 1 chip disadvantage and my HU is without a doubt the weakest part of my game, coupled with the fact that I’ve just watched the chip leader knock out almost the entire table I ask him if he is interested in chopping. He finally decides to take a look at the numbers and graciously offers me a deal that I can’t refuse knowing I’m such a huge dog.
So I except his offer and could not be more ecstatic about my $283 payday.

I’ve added this chart as a visual aid and to stress the importance of record keeping.
It’s easy at this point to get a big head and decide that you no longer have to keep track of your progress, when in fact part of your success is in knowing when and how you are playing your best.

If you’ve made it this far down the page and are still reading, I thank you.
Its funny how long winded you become when you start playing better poker.

Lastly I would like to thank Dave "The Langolier" for his insightful perspective on Range, Equity and Taking the right lines. These basic concepts plainly explained by Dave have been invaluable to me.
I would also like to thank Grayson 'Spacegravy' Physioc for his great S&G videos. I highly recommend them to anyone who is serious about improving that aspect of their game.

That’s all for now
Thanks to anyone who provides feedback on my road to recovery and good luck on the felts.

Once more into the Fray