Hello All,
February ended up being a great month with many positive notes which I will share in more detail in a subsequent Blog, The broad strokes are that I've managed to 20X my $20 reload, made significant improvements to some huge leaks and now enjoy playing rather than being frustrated all the time. There are several reasons for these positive results, least of which are attending live training at PSO, respecting my "Time Vault" commitments... ect ect. The single most important factor I can directly attribute to my success over the last 30 days is my new outlook on Tilting. Allow me to share my epiphany.

I doubt you’d be able to flip through a respectable poker book that does not touch on the subject of Tilt, and you often hear people talking about the subject with different views one way or another. It doesn’t dawn on you how affected you are until you actually step back and look at the numbers and put some thought into it. I’ve always been  a recreational player who enjoys playing without much regard for keeping records or tracking progress. After attending a few online PSO lessons and live sessions, it quickly became apparent to me that if I sincerely wanted to become a more winning player I had to look at playing a different style and adapt a different attitude. I have a fulltime job that keeps me pretty busy and I like to think I'm somewhat successful at. The reason I'm successful at my work is because I put a huge amount of effort, focus and discipline behind every decision I make. It never occurred to me that if I applied myself in poker the way I did my business life I could achieve greater success.

I also didn’t realize that tilt management could have such a huge impact on my game, I was sadly mistaken. I use to get upset (that’s an understatement) at the donks who called my 4X raise pre flop or an all in turn bet with rags and managed to suck out. After years of frustration both live and online and a few broken keyboards later, a light went off in my head. If I want to gain chips and have a shot at winning, I want them to call. "I want them to call" 5 little words that have changed the way I play forever. Understanding that poker is a game of odds and lets assuming you're paying attention and have a good read on the range your opponent is playing. If you know you're going in ahead, why would you not want them to call, in fact, I find myself pleading for them to call. So how can you remotely be upset if you made a great read on his holdings and got your chips in good and didn't get the outcome you wanted. At best now I'm disappointed and make a note on the player that sucked out, jot down his range and willingness to put his chips at risk when his a huge dog for future hands I may play with him. I replay the hand to evaluate if I could have played it differently to achieve a different result, if the answer is NO I erase the hand from my thoughts and prepare myself for the next opportunity to gain chips. It sounds so simple now that I view it this way, but for years I often managed to donk off the rest of my stack within the next few hands only because I was upset at the unlucky result.
A good friend of mine who watched me repeatedly suffer through this cycle of madness tried many times to explain what I now understand. He said "It's like trying to explain what being a parent is like to someone who doesn’t have children". I thanked him recently to a great dinner with some of my winnings from a live session.

Lastly I would like to thank Dave "The Langolier" for his insightful perspective on Range, Equity and Taking the right lines. I almost feel I owe him a commission for the sound advice he offers all us newbie’s.
I would also like to thank Grayson 'Spacegravy' Physioc for his great S&G videos. I highly recommend them to anyone who is serious about improving that aspect of their game.

That’s all for now

Thanks to anyone who provides feedback on my road to recovery...

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