I've never started a blog before.. where do I  begin?     Is anyone even going to read this? haha ..ummmmmm... 

..... I recently found myself immersed in the excitement and intrigue of Micro Millions.   I haven't got much to brag about, but I was unlucky not to go deep in the Badugi Tournament. There were a few Tournaments where I made the money, but made mistakes at crucial times.. I put it down to rushes of blood to the head,  the fact is though, I'm just a mediocre player who is better than beginner,  but still has a lot to learn when it comes to competing with Intermediate players on a regular basis.


My small Bankroll suffered tremendously over the time micro millions was taking place,  In the last week or so I have found myself chasing the losses... My bankroll management just went out of the window.  

To address this, I am going 'back to basics' .

I will be playing as many 100k freerolls as I can.. I'll be playing lots of 10/20c 2-7 Lowball Triple Draw, as I seem to have a knack for making half decent profit on those cash tables.  

I really enjoy playing MTT's Though... I'm quite happy with my early play.. I just need to work hard on the Middle to Late stages...  

To help with this I am setting myself a $20 challenge in 45 seat Turbo SNG's.. ...

Basically I will be playing 40x 50c 45 seat SNG's.  I will try to play at least 5 a day and will  record and publish my results on here.  

I've played 10 Sng's on day 1 and have got off to a solid start.. 

 1. 12th (-0.50)
2. 2nd  (+3.85)
3. 3rd  (+2.84)
4. 31st (-0.50)
5. 34th (-0.50)
6. 1st (+5.80)
7. 2nd (+3.85)
8. 31st (-0.50)
9. 19th (-0.50)
10. 15th (-0.50)

Games: 10
Stake: $5.00
Wins: x1
Top 3: x4
ITM: 40%
ROI: 266.8% ($13.34)


In the third  Sng played,  I finished third.. There was a pivotal moment which cost me a really decent chance of finishing in the top 2.. 

Anyway.... It's been a pretty good first day.. Hopefully I can keep it up on Day 2 of my $20 challenge.