I should really change the name of this blog becuase I'm now a slightly winning player! I've had a mad few weeks. I am sorry for not posting for a couple of months but basically in real and poker terms... I've been broke! Luckily I found some money lying around and depo'd and played my usual 1.10 3x turbo. And for the first time..... I final tabled! I came into the final table second in chips by a whisker and raring to go. Sadly I kind of lost my cool and got into a bad spot:


already  leaked a bit then this:


and finally this:


Meant I finished 8th for $550. Still my biggest ever bink but left feeling disatisfied. Anyway promptly went on a grand tour of europe and spent most of it in amsterdam!

Also went to a casino in berlin. Sat down with 100 euro. Tried to bluff KK went down. Grinded up to 125 euro then this happened:

I straddle, it's limped around to me in the straddle I make it 15 euro with 

I get re-rased from the hi-jack to 48 euro from a maniac I then shove for 125 euro and get snapped off. Flop comes 



I show on the turnhe waits 15 seconds on the river, Looks at his cards looks at the board shows

..... :@ 


Now i'm back and running pretty bad as much as I love the micromillions we are halfway through and my biggest cash is $62 in the turbo running bad generally must be around $150 down this week  and it's becuase of stuff like this:


and this:


It's been a hard week someone send me some run good!? planning to play some moar MM and general grinding feel free to rail me and ask me anything via comments and PM