So yesterday I decided that It would be a good idea if me and my freind (he's been a profiting cash game grinder at NL5 and now NL10 for a month now) sat next to each other and grindead for a while then went to play a local tournament. It was a good idea because It taught me alot about how he plays which I'm not sure is right. I'm playing 5/10 zoom at the moment on 4 tables and losing but I've only recorded two 1 hour sessions so theres alot of room for variance. It seems though he throws the type of game we play when we have a home game, completely out of the window.


When we play our home game (which we have been playing for over a year now often more than weekly) He is a very dynamic player, he knows all the maths and generally makes good reads etc. But yesterday when I watched him play it seemed to me he was playing scared, This seems to be working he's crushing the field but the example hand is one where I pick up Q10s in the small blind someone raises dealer the blind and I pop it up to 5x, In my eyes a pretty safe way to get in a heads up, decent sized pot, meaning modt of the time we both miss I C-bet 60% and take it down. And alot of the time I hit and well, Q10s plays very well after the flop then I get 4-bet from the big blind, Now this is where It gets interesting. the 4-bet was what's referred to as a "click back" So He popped it from 5x to 8x. Now my freind, who seems to be a winning grinder Firstly, scoffed when I 3-bet then said fold here. After dealer had called. I'm getting like stupid pot odds there, Calling 30c into a pot of  $2.10, 7:1. Personally with suited one gapper Broadway cards, I think a fold there would be terrible. Anyway the flop came 3QJ and I bet out, thinking that although BB technically had the betting lead, barely so and I didn't want to play a pot out of position. I got one caller (from dealer proving that the "click back" was just him being a donkey) and the turn came the K meaning I had a open ender to add to my arsenal. Now here is when I made my (in my eyes only) mistake. I shoved my remaining 2.75(ish) into the $5 pot and got snap called. Now I'm instantly thinking He either has a better Queen than me or a King or maybe he got really lucky after making a bad call on the flop with a gutshot. He turned over AJ for 3rd pair and a gutshot. "I'm ahead!" I thought and of course he rivered the gutshot I had a blocker too, him two pairing up would have been no good as that would have made me a straight so He had a grand total of 5 outs. 



SB (me) Q10s

BB XX (didn't hit)

Dealer AJo

tiny 4-bet preflop from bb 2 callers out of dealer and me in sb

pot: $2.40


I bet out half pot one caller in dealer

pot: $4.80 


I shove for my remaining $2.75

he called with AJ

3QJK10 He makes a straight vs my two pair.

my freind thinks I played it terrbily I disagree!

Could I have played this differently? should I have got involved preflop?

Anyway I posted a -$20 Session then went to the live tournament picked up nothing doubled through someone spacing out with 107o Vs my QQ, final tabled went out from a 7BB stack KJs vs KQo in 5th, 3rd was paid. Went to a cash side game 50/50 (way out of my roll but oh well) set down with £30 left with £130.