As anyone who has been following the blog will know I had a few good tourney wins recently. This has been followed by another last week, a 3x turbo, $1 rebuy (which I seem to have nailed, something like 250% ROI in those for some reason, hope it's play good rather than run good) I decided (for some reason) to play cash for way out of my bankroll, first 25c/50c then 50c/$1 I made $250. this made me want to play cash more and by sunday I was on $510. Before now I have had swings but only for like $50 playing 5/10 or $20 playing SNG'S and low buy in tourneys. But I had a $430 swing. No joke, i'm not making up excuses I know I didn't play my best but I definitely didn't play THAT bad . Basically I continually grinded up $25 then lost $160 pots to huge suckouts. Sadly , I don't have them all "boom'ed" but I am a owner of a public Facebook group to show off suckouts, only a few freinds at the moment but your welcome to join. So i will copy and paste my posts and the comment stream.


Starts off well my best ever hand, A king high straight flush

Best hand i've ever had, managed to squeeze quite a bit out as well.

Then this happens.

All in pre (What in gods name was he thinking it's cash with 150bb's! I must have done well to get him there)

Showing everyone this was more because I was tilited from the one before. Also he flated preflop (not a 3-bet a raise).

Plays itself. Being trying to play more semi-junk hands as everyone folds so much playing low-med stakes zoom. Maybe I fold on a good day?

All in on the turn.. not sure if he was trying to slowplay me or he though he was beat but he flated pre and re-raise shoved the turn, had him on AQ/KQs/Airball bluff. Personally I Allways (pretty

Finally that. Eww. All in on the turn, not that big of a pot but I had been tangling with him ALOT and this was just the final straw.

I rage-cashed-out the last $80. 

I wish I had more money outside pokerstars because I know I can sucessfully grind those stakes, I did for 4 days. But with the amount of money I have outside pokerstars I can't afford to go on $410 lost streaks. That money would have paid for my holiday this summer and it doesn't help I then went to 2 live games with my mates over the last 3 days and have lost a further £50. I just sat there thinking what I could have bought with it because like phil ivey said "once i'm at the table money has no value to me, winning is what matters" (maybe paraphrased) and I think that's the way you have to think... within reason. But here I ask for advice, which i may not take. Do I depo big and try and make a run at being semipro-pro or do i depo normal and do the same. Or do I use the $20 I made from FPP sat's to try and grind a big enough bankroll to play those games? 

Thanks for reading!