I played my first bit of live poker in a while, Upstairs of a pub, £10 rebuy some pretty good players ended up FT dealing for £170 a piece HU. Pretty happy to have that kind of money from poker and i intend to re-invest it at a casino. 

Playing the 10.50 Super Knockout Heads Up Turbo. Won my first three games so i'm already 4.50 in profit, hoping to cash as i've been playing HU really well lately.

All this winning got me thinking, Have I finally overcome my 6 month losing streak and started to be a profitable poker player? I mean, if so I didn't expect it to happen so quickly! maybe i'm just on a heater at the right time. Either way i'm loving life at the moment and only donation 3 hours a day to poker, unless i run deep. Just makes me think about the people who grind the like $1.10 1k guaren's for a min cash. Personally I wouldn't want to do that much work for like a 0.70c profit. remember it just takes one big cash then your sorted as your bankroll can sustain not making another big cash in a while

Thanks, Oddie