I've had another decent day of poker so far! Played the micromillions event 74 and didn't cash on the upside it was super knockout so i still made 4$ profit! There was alot of squeeze playing going on and I just want to share a hand with you.


My 4-bets seem to be getting called alot, I do show bluffs, which may be my downside but I think it helps me get called on a 5-bet shove with like A10s (for example) enough to show a few 3-bet, 4-bet and the odd 5-bet squeeze. 

This is the hand I went out on, before you judge my play bare in mind there's a massive leveling war going out between me and this guy 3-bets and wierd bluffs going in every hand.


I don't mind my play, it's a bit of a overbet, maybe if i had the flush I would bet ~2k but I was only really dead to AKs I was banking on maybe 1010 or even some bs. Could say it's coolerish but oh well! 

Finally, i've been thinking alot about mixing up raising pre flop, my standard is 2.5x but I have taken to raising 3x and 3.5x sometimes. Often if you raise to 3.5x in a tourney someone 3-bet's you becuase it's a strange play, so if you maybe do it twice and show winning hands (even if people all fold pre) then you can build up a sort of "3.5x raising respect" which means you can steal pot's alot more. 

I'd love some feedback on the two hands and on my theorys so comment please! 

Thanks, Oddie