I adore the micromillions. It's finally a chance to play against people worth playing against! Cashed again today for $186 in the Micromillions event 051 came 44/15000 pretty happy considering i've been up for 36 hours. 

So I watched a youtube video by a supernova elite, can't remember his name. About his dieting and how this helped him win tournaments. Now although it looks like i'm making money with my two big cashes i had in fact lost $70 of my prize money from the first tournament. I decided to stay up all night eat two large bags of doritos, two bags of harribo and 1.25L of coke zero along with alot of sqaush (which I thought was heathly.. apparantly not) and I went on a appauling run, a mix of bad cards bad bankroll management and tilt. The later two I can usually avoid. Something caught my eye that was in both the coke and the squash though... Aspartame. Aspartame is a sweetener 3x sweeter than sugar and a helluva lot cheaper so some brands use it in soft drinks. Now I don't know the full details but basically in the short term it causes rash decision making. Now not to blow my own trumpet but I "detoxed" from this substance for 12 hours. Played drinking litres of water rather than squash and made this big cash with the first tournament I entered. I'm not a huge partaker in healthy eating to promote poker playing but I advise you avoid this substance!

Happy with my cash, currently playing event 052 on about 32 bigs, average is 50 and cash comes when we shead another 3k players! Particularly happy as I bought in 1 hour 57 minutes late!