Poker forums and the like are new to me but I have been playing poker for about a year and a half now firstly a live cash game with some friends from home. Just a 4-9 player £5-£10 buy in cash game with 5-10p blinds. We had one friend who had played online poker and for the first few weeks he was the shark. But we where all maths students and very competitive so soon we had scoured youtube to find every poker move to get one up on everyone else. Soon our game became one of so many levels. It was adapt or lose a heck of alot of money (or as it was to us then). Soon we where playing 5-6 times a week including in our free periods at school so I would imagine about £2000 passed over that table... but all of us where even. Or relatively. Then one guy found a free no-deposit bonus on a site and busted the $10 in one day by putting it all in one cash game and losing complaining that "online players are donkeys" and that we all agreed on. but over the last summer i made a few deposits went on some nice runs but I am overall down from online poker. I would say this has taught me more about the game though as now, at least the wins have started coming. Today I came 158/37775 in the micromillions event 041 and earnt $100. Now I tend to stick to tournaments and SNG's below $5 and rarely move to cash. problem is i have been playing since that cash (like 7 hours ago) and ended up being losing. I'm not really sure whether I should go for big cashes few and far between or small cashes constantly and there's still alot for me to learn. One thing I am alot better when i'm playing live so i must have the skill and I know i'm mathematically capable of making most decisions but i am still not constantly winning so I need help.
Thanks for reading, assuming you did!