Now that I've tried various forms of poker here and elsewhere and won some and lost some money, I've decided to get back to basics. I was following a plan to improve by playing NL STTs and MTTs first but have found it unsatisfactory, because of the fact that I don't see enough showdowns to improve post flop play. I decided to play Limit HE ring games, full ring to achieve some improvements in the following areas. 1. Tightness of play. I want to play a solid TAG game. 2, Learning when I'm beat. 3. Improvement of post flop skills. The book I am studying for this is Small Stakes Hold 'Em. I'm playing at 10c/20c at Poker Stars. I'm aiming to play 10, 000 hands for proper statistical analysis, so far I have played 832. As of now my stats are as follows: VPIP : 24.88% (I want to be below 24) BB/100 : 6.53 PFR : 9.86 I did think that the cardroom here was so loose that a tight game may not be a winning game here, and some of the highest placed in the limit he league were rather loose. Then, a few days ago I witnessed Donny (teHDon) play and he played a tight aggressive and solid game. He went from 300 PSO bucks to over 900 over a few hours and that encouraged me that it is possible to play like that and make a lot of bucks without always being sucked out on. Thanks Donny for your good example.