The Best Of List

Winning a coaching opportunity with PokerStars Team member Alex Millar. Thank You Alex! A big thank you to all of my Home Game friends who voted for my video submission..Jaggers, Tankers, Anzac,Sexys' and fellow PSOers whom voted as well. A big cheers to the Head Drunk for da thread. Sounds like a motley crew eh??

Winning a hi/low pl omaha 580 players, 2nd in a limit razz 64 players, winning a $1hyper 180 players, winning 2 $215 sunday million sattys'.

Getting second place on the yearly Leaderboard in the PSO community homegames series. A very nice $109 ticket on its way. Ty PSO!

Learning better positional play, trying to improve on bet sizings , giving up sometimes when gut says i'm behind.....sometimes key word

Participated in PSO training sessions, always learned something out of these sessions! Ty trainers and fellow PSOers....if nothing else, tried to bring a sense of humour to the class.....?

Reading blogs and threads daily.....awesome to read as many as I am able, some are above my cranial threshhold of intellect/complexity. Re-reading and understanding blogs and threads.... I save many to favorites list as this makes them easy to find. Huge learning resources from the comments of other PSOers. Variety here are the spices of poker life!

Investing in other members Staking action is always an interesting experience, and sometimes's fun to cheer on others IMO.

Witnessing the success and progress of fellow PSOers.



The Worst of List

Well, I don't want to be too negative....but I will be critical

I started a pl omaha zoom personal challenge.....and quickly realised if I ever embark on a cash omaha journey again......I will start it with a much bigger than suggested bankroll. PL omaha is waaaaaaay too swingy for this grasshopper!!

I earned money from MTTs and I also sold tourney $ for cash. I made some nice withdraws this year. Good right....well good and bad. The money went to good use outside of PS for real life stuff....but I left myself too short in my cashier for my love of MTTs', or hours of cash tabling and found myself making many small deposits....which caused me to play with scared money. So cashier management was definitely my shortfall this year. A much needed restructuring plan of amount deposited and withdrawls for my BR to always be healthy ,needs to be strictly adhered to. 

Many times i felt like a Robot playing cash. I had to listen to music to keep in a neutral or upbeat we all know mood/tilting can kill stacks. 

Its always ok to poke fun at each other when we mutually know its in fun......right?.....but I found myself at times when some PSO home game regulars were getting abused verbally by others that I would sometimes pipe up  with a smartazz comment aimed towards the bully.....right or wrong I dont know....but other times.....i type so dang slllllllooooooowwwwww.......that by the time I'm done typing my comments are irrelevent or grossly innapropriate due to the bad timing. I must admit it can be comical at times though


Other Thoughts (some I may add in the Comments Section below)

Some of us have much more life tragedy than most folks....and I tend to deal with those details privately........but publicly....... I can say poker is a very good diversion for a heart/brain rest. And it certainly doesn't hurt when most people we play with in this community are so nice/helpful.

Plans/Goals for this upcoming year?? I'll post them in detail if/when ready.