I was unable to play in the pso series today. So whilst watching a show named Ancient Aliens, I decided to open up two 1c/2c PLO tables to get my daily poker fix in, albeit a little late(or early A.M.)

Omaha is my favorite game....so many ways to lose.

Anyways, I have been doing my best to play these tables at a $1.60 buyin with the intent of leaving the table once I reached a profit of @ $1 or loss of  50 %, following a successful strategy to minimise potential losses of profits. Take the money and run so to speak, and open new table/s.

There was a particular villian whom kept my stack ever growing,and he kept auto topping up, as did my guilt for not leaving when up $$. It was easy money and I just couldnt leave. He was not involved in the Royal Flush hands however.

Then within the span of @ 1 minute this happened on consecutive hands on two different tables;

Hope to participate in the PSO series Wednesday

Congrats to all the players in line for ticket awards and may rungood be with you the rest of the Series

Bye for now folks 

Bad Grasshopper