March Mayhem is a Poker School Online Community Home Game series.

There are currently 4 games that are run daily cash and play money.

The cash games start at noon, 3pm, 6pm and 10 pm.

I really enjoy this monthly series....but occasionally I just get appalled looking back at some, or in todays game case .......every poor decision and bad play I make.

The cup half full has to be to learn something from these mistakes or to re-inforce philosophies and to get back to them if one feels dicipline is slipping.

Examples of todays mistakes;

Flatting a min-raise with a short-handed high quality holding by a player i have noted as an aggro/shoves often with mediocre cards. And even worse I showed the hand upon folding....yuk. He promised he would show....he did show and yes it was a bluff that  took down a decent pot.

Playing holdings I'm not usually comfortable playing aggresively or without a hand completing plan.

Semi-bluffing weakly with a small pair that flushed on lose to a higher river-flushing pair.

Trying to bluff a loose agressive villan (with 23 off so i can show when i bluff him off pot). 

This is not a part of my game but HE IS very good at it and I paid the price when I made a pot sized bet and he looked me up with second highest board pair.

I played right into villans hands.......I was everyone's ATM today.

So once again I tuck my tail betwwen my legs.....and bust out early.

However writing this blog and honestly reviewing my horrible playing should help to reinforce my need to adhere to my playing philosophies......not to be an ATM , allowing others styles to affect my game. 

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Thanks to all the people at PSO for all your efforts!