Taking advice from a Funky Monkey named Spike changed the way I utilized the site that is Pokerstars.

Firstly, to give you some background, I have been playing on Pokerstars since 2005. Started on the .net site for many years just trying to practice and learn the basics of the game.

A couple of years ago I met a player named Spike. We ran into each other a few more times at  NL Holdem tables and got on well with some what at least we thought was some humourus chat at the table. He also gave me some poker advice and some well deserved scorn at some of the bad beats I put on him.

This Funky Monkey (Spikes Avitar) made a suggestion that forever changed the way I participated within Pokerstars.com. He suggested I join the PSO Open League where one can accumulate points over a month for a chance to win money at the end of the month. I read articles in the school, took quiz's, viewed videos, read other pso'ers blogs and comments. Before any of the forementioned happened, I basically just played without focus or a goal......just a casual passtime; although I was a huge fan of televised poker. I could almost imagine the rush some of those pros and amatures alike were feeling.

I must admit, I understand good Bankroll Management.....but I dont utilise it properly (a part of dicipline I need to work on) .....luckily im a small $$ player so my gains and or losses are minimal.....what i would call a recreational $$.

We ran into each other quite a bit in the open ranks......where many more sick hands would play out where bad beats and rags-o-plenty were a common occurence. Spike told me of a Home Game ..The Drunk Tanks. He sent a request in for me to be accepted as Spike was already a member there. I was lucky enough to be accepted....and this just expanded my poker community in a huge way.

It is so nice to see other players in The Drunk Tanks grow and improve and selflessly teach others and share knowledge  along the way. There are many Tankers whom give to pokerstars community and Homegames in a HUGE way .There are oppurtunitiesto help each other out, cheer each other on, and be there when times are tough for each other. Most of the time theres a gg, or see ya gl in next when knocked out. We also have members who crack us up. Our fellow American Tankers will be a welcome site back hopefully sooner than later on PS.

The best lesson learned in the Drunk Tank was a congradulation I got from a Drunk Tank member whom I have huge poker envy .....said to me WTG .....now just KEEP playing that way.

It was that ahha moment of that simple statement realising that I had played with driven focus and dicipline. It wont make you a winner all the time but you probibly wont win without it.

Some examples of dicipline related issues affecting ones play and results;

     -Play within Bankroll LimitsPlan ahead the sngs mtts ect. you want to play

     -Dont play if time crunching is an issue

     -Play with drive , focusand hopefully fun

     -Take a break if variance is tilting you

     -Beware of 27 offsuit

     -Play what you are good at to build a bankroll    

Funky Monkey agrees...... Dicipline Grasshopper