One way to get more active on PSO is to run a blog, so here goes.


I've played online poker, on and off, for over 10 years.  I stopped being a regular player after Black Friday in 2011. The lack of American players drained a lot of loose money from the game. I'm not sure what brought me back to Pokerstars, but PSO has given me some motivation to stick with it and start thinking about a schedule again.

I tend to stick with STT's for the daily grind and am hoping to use any profit from these to start playing more MTT's. Hopefully the benefits of PSO will help me to adjust my game to compensate for how much more difficult all forms of poker have become over the last few years.

I qualified for Premier League(PrL) this month via the $1 dollar MTT's, (I found PSO half way through December so didn't have a  realistic chance of qualifying through the Open League). After playing a couple of PrL tourneys, I can't believe the standard of play for a $10 freeroll. Players must really covet their place in the league.

Enough for now.

Good luck at the tables, unless you are sat at mine,