Online poker is a joke. First 99% are all idiots. If someone shoves allin, you can bet they have a QJ off suit. And if you call their bet with AA or KK you will lose every time, because online poker is set up for donkeys to win to keep them playing. These poker site are not realistic and they are rigged, i dont care what anyone says. Only online will you ever see pocket AA 3 hands in a row and see it lose 2 of them. These sites are rigged to create action and to let the bad hands win. I can play live at a casino and not see pocket AA all day and do just fine, or i can play online and get pocket AA or KK 5 times a tourney, till i finally go out with it. I am so sick of seeing QJ or Q,10 take down every pot. The donks know to play it strong, because it never loses online. Online players get killed in a casino because their junk hands dont hold up like they do online. If you play AK you will lose on the river to A,5. I know it happens live to, but its almost guaranteed to happen online. So if your the kind of player that raises with QJ off or anything like it, i hope you burn in hell donkey. or come play live and lose your money.