Well...call it luck, skill or coincidence, but I finished in 24th last night. My best so far. I believe from changing my strategy.  Patience was definitly a key factor. But also betting early...hard and fast,(but only on the good hands). But be careful...dont forget there are some really good players looking to take your chips, and stomp you without hesitation !  I know sounds like common sense to most...but hey I'm a rookie. The middle seemed to play tight. Gain enough chips to make it there....then be patience. When the good hand comes...hit hard ! But again I didn't take any unnessasary chances......well kinda.   Thats where I might have bluffed a little ? But at the end I noticed almost anything goes. Players will bet all in on anything.  Play you own game and if it isn't working for you, change your tactics. But most of all, watch and learn from the best players. And believe me...they will take you to school !    ...Patience,skill, luck....THAT'S POKER !   Good luck and see ya at the tables.