I had never played poker, online or otherwise in my 50+years of life. Thought I was too old to learn or enjoy anything new again. Boy ...was I wrong ! I have found that poker was something that I wish I could have been doing all my life. Am I addicted.....well hell yes ! Love it.   I play close to 10 to 15 hours per day.  Am I good enough to beat the pros ? Only in my wildest dreams... !  I have been playing a couple of months, but have emproved greatly. Do I win often ? No. Not yet, but learning. Will I beat the pros ? Yes I will with time,and determination and knowledge. I am still trying to pass the Core Quiz. Lots of things I didn't know. But as with anything worth learning, i will pass it soon. I stay home to take care of my wife whom as Muscular Dystrophy and confined to a wheelchair. We live on her small disibility check ($750) per week. So am I determined to become a better player ? Why yes I am. I am in it to win it !  Any extra income will be a definite plus. Maybe I will never make a million, but to make enough to be able to take her out to dinner would be like winning the lotto. I want to thank POKERSTARS for the best poker site available. And many thanks too all the great players at POKERSTARS who have gave me pointers along the way. But be warned Pros ! I am coming for ya !
                                                     Thanks, SteveArtist