It all started with a PokerSchool Home Game, Really good players in these games and I got in a good deep run. Itm is only the top 5 but I'm one of them and was going for the win with AQ suited. One caller, who I just barely had covered, is in with his snowmen. It's a classic race. Flop adds on a flush draw to my already 2 overs to his pair. I got 15 outs now but the turn and the river come up empty and I get a 4th place for my efforts. That's pretty good against this group so I'll take it.

My 2nd table was the PokerSchool Big Bang which started at the first break of the Home Game. Got myself a good and deep run going here as well. That is until I wind up in a similiar situation with my AT suited up against pocket 6's. This time he's got me just barely covered but I get an A on the flop! My excitement is very short lived because a microsecond later I realize he hit his 6 too. The turn brings a glimmer of hope when a T comes to at least give me a chance to keep my game going but it was only a tease as the river is a complete blank. So, in my first Big Bang, I come home 65th out of 475 for a decent cash.

My 3rd table is the PokerSchool Sunday Storm 1M Freebuy which started 1/2 hour after the Big Bang did. 2270 entrants all looking to get into the big Storm game. After all the rebuys and add ons were tallied up, there was only going to be 17 tickets that were going to be given out at the end. But believe it or not, I got 1 of them, yea team! It's been a really good showing for me in the PokerSchool games tonight!

I was set to have a 4th table up but the Premier Skill League game was cancelled. Too bad, I had been running very, very well in the other games and I could of used the points with a good deep run here in this league game. What a bummer.

My biggest mistake was that I actually missed Dave's Live Training class. I was so caught up in the games I was playing that I had forgotten all about it. By the time I did remember it was already over. I really like his classes, too. I think they're the best. I just hope I don't have to serve detention for missing it. I didn't skip it intentionally, really! Sry, Dave.