When New Year's was upon us, my bankroll was 0.04 and there was a lot of talk via posts and blogs about making goals. So, like everyone else, I made mine too. Well today, Mar 23, at 03:05am local time, my second 2015 goal was made!

Technically, it's a missed goal because although I reached the $$ mark, it's 2 days later than the deadline I set for myself. But I won't tell no one if you won't. We'll just consider it extra time like in soccer, or football if you're in Europe or S. America.

February was great. Made good advances throughout the month. So good that I thought I'd have it done weeks ahead of schedule. But then Mr. Variance came knocking and the last 20 days has been one big long grind. Top 5 finishes were 35, 36, 43, 48, and 56 and all were in fields within the 5-6000 range. So I made some decent cashes along the way. Game play has noticably improved and I'm ready for higher stakes and even deeper runs. Only 1 final table this year, so far. But a single better decision here, winning a coin flip there, and who knows. Maybe there's a bracelet out there with my name on it. Hey it's poker, anything can and usually does happen.

For the next step, attempting to quadruple my bank in 3 months when it took almost 3 months to get to the current level may seem far streched, but I have a plan. It has already been started to be assembled and should be up and running in a few days.

This year's schedule:

Goal   Time   
$20    Jan31  Completed
$50    Mar21  Completed (in overtime)
$200  Jul22 
$500  Oct15  
$1k     Dec31

I think this is realistic provided I'm continually engaged in seeking additional education, my learning/retention steadily improves, and I discipline myself to good habits to minimize mistakes.
Looking even further, I’d like to play the Sunday Million tourney at least once by the end of 2016. For this, I think I would need to have about a 2.5k bank.

Anyways, second step made... Yea!!