The first time I got a 1st place tournament finish for the year just concluded around 5:45am local time. It was a PSO Homegame and damn if these guys aren't tough to beat. For example, familiar names like FireMedic815 and A-FISTFULL. I mean these are the guys who's games are broken down in "Live Training" sessions and used as examples for others to learn from. And let's not forget the PSO trainers themselves like JWK24 who are in on the fun at these Homegames. So these people are no slouches. They are the best in the PSO community. So I can take a measure of self pride in this win.

Now, winning in a field of 3-4000+ would be nice, too, My best finish this year in the micro turbo games that I play regularly is a third place, so far, with several other final table appearances. If you read my post "Goal", you'd know I'm just a few days away from my next 2015 achievement deadline and currently I'm just under $2 away from making that mark. Basically, I got 5 days to make 2 bucks. I busted out from the 2 attempts I made tonight. So hopefully tomorrow or the day after. In any case, I do expect to make my goal so you can look forward to my next blog post entitled "Goal! (Step 2)" any day now.

Anyways, it feels good to be a winner again. Thank you PSO and I'll see you on the felt again soon!