When New Year's was upon us, my bankroll was 0.04 and there was a lot of talk via posts and blogs about making goals. So, like everyone else, I made mine too. A short, mid, and longtime goals were made for the year. Well today, Jan 29, at 10:55pm local time my first 2015 short term goal was made.

I'm not really surprised; I figured it to be realistic given the time frame. But it is definitely a confidence builder having it achieved. With that now made, a new short time goal has been set and the mid has been adjusted from the end of the summer to middle.

Goal   Time   Play
$20    Jan31 .11 Tourney - Completed
$50    Mar21 .27-.55 Tourney
$200  Jul22  .82-1.10 Tourney
$500  Oct15   2.20-3.30 Tourney
$1k     Dec31

Basically, I want to be a daily regular in the 3.30 tourneys and have 1k in the bank before 2016. I think this is realistic provided I'm continually engaged in seeking additional education, my learning/retention steadily improves, and I discipline myself to good habits to minimize mistakes.

Looking even further, I’d like to play the Sunday Million tourney at least once by the end of 2016. For this, I think I would need to have about a 2.5k bank.

Anyways, first step made... Yea!!