I really don't expect to win any of these all-in shoot outs. But after a week, even getting a buck would be a pleasant surprize.



Out in Round One: 5 (Warm-Up, 1, 2, 4,8 )

Out in Round Two: 3 (3, 5, 6)

Out in Round Three: 1 (7)

Jan 7: Best finish yet! In the 7k's, made it to round 3 but still out with no cash.

So I did some math. With 4092 places paid in a field of 25000 (probably less), you have a little over 14% chance or 1-in-6 odds to cash. To put it into poker terms: You're heads up but behind with a open ended straight draw going to the river and one of your outs has already been burned/folded. You should win this hand one out of every six tries. My tally: 0-9.

Stay tuned as I will update as this month's promotion plays progresses.