It's ok to think or even know you can play poker, but how do you feel when you go all in with KK and lose to 7 and 3??
Numerous times this has happened, i even stopped playing online for a month as i was so annoyed with this keep happening!

My first PSO game, 6pm, lets go!! oh no, i have KK and have been called by someone with a J and another very low card! guess what!! thats me done like a kipper!!
You cannot play anywhere online without taking into account that there are so many "fishcakes" (a term i got from watching Jennifer Tilley)

What can you do? nothing! just avoid playing with the real money!! its there too - but they claim to know what they are doing!! (oh god, please help us!!)

Poker should be about skill, but sadly, online it is actually about luck!
and that, in itself, SUCKS!

Well, at least it is sort of educating me! but not at any expense from now on, play money tables, freerolls etc, thats safe! (just not safe from some of the "all in i have nothing" type players!, see how many 7 n 3 or 9 n 2 or J n4's you see in a day - and they beat a good hand!!