evaluating post flop pt1 randy law.   This was one the first video i watched when i first started pokerschool . I found this video very helpful i found it was well explained and very easy to follow.I also found that it helpful  and it helped me get ready to play poker on this site. not watched many but will be back to start watching more to help me inprove my game and hopefully become a very good poker player.randy law videos are very helpful not only to me i have noticed there are many poker players here at poker school online that have mentioned randy law so it is plain to see that his videos are good to watch and helpfull for poker players like myself to become better players.I would recomend randy law to all new players just beging this wonderful game called poker . There also many great videos out there to watch so to pepole who are reading this blog dont just take my word for it get out there and take a look for yourself. and please make a blog so other players like myself can get a little bit info so we know what it like befor we watch it thanks for takeing time out and reading this