There is a very specific set of ingredience needed to succeed in a tournament. Of course skill is important as well as luck or if you want, the absence of unluckyness...
But in an online poker one of the most important ingredience is beyond any skills, concentration, strategy and poker technique: And its no other from the art of avoiding DONKS. There is no book, tutorial, manual or strategy that will ever teach you to avoid them. The only way to learn is to be crushed and burned by them a few dozens of times. Then you will only realise their existance.

Dont get me wrong i dont hate them, on the countrary i love the fact that they exist and most of the times i am targetting them because they are what i like to call "the chip carriers". They will gather all chips they can while playing BINGO in a table of poker and eventually they will deliver them to you - or someone else!

But lets talk about their profile a little bid:
They will sit on a table just like everybody else. So far so good. When the tournament begins they will go all in first hand UTG while blinds are only 10/20. Just like all the idiots in the world, they will make you wonder. Once you spot a move that has no mathematical, neither poker logic or even common sence thats the first sign of the donk. They are the ones that will call your AK raise with K3off and when they hit a K on the flop will go all in. And since you are a player that uses logic you d probably think you are facing trips but if you already figured out that he is a donk, you ll surely call and lose once they hit their 3 on the river. You ll be crippled and wondering how the hell they played like that but they will continue their play and their chip graph will look like a cardiograph of a marathon runner. They never go far because statistically they will lose most of their stack on donk calls that will not hit the miracle card but when they do, its someones tournament!!

But seriously now, there is one thing that you ought to be careful when you are playing a hand with 3 players and more. If the DONKS are in a hand with alot of players, they have the habit of inflating the bids. Its like you walk on a stretched wire with a guy on extacy! No matter if they hit or miss the flop they will fire a bet that will draw everyone into betting and raising a hand that you would be very careful.
For example the board shows 789 and you got pocket jacks. They will hit the 9 and explode by betting twice the pot, sometimes all in leaving you no option than to call and often be beat by the 10J or even the 56.

Another thing they do which is the most unpredictable is call any bet with whatever. You raise under the gun with AA and you are hoping to get a good value for them. Everyone folds and the Button calls.
The board shows 2 6 10 rainbow. You of course bet with the best hand and the guy raises all in. You know you are in front and of course you call just to find out he had 2 10off . And sometimes you will double up once you hit your 6 on the turn or river or you will just get beaten and crippled and of course...wondering!

Pretty much this is how they play and i must say, i have nothing against this kind of play cause trully: Its their choice to play however they like this game and its them that will call any raise and any value bet i make. They will build my stack 90% of the times and they will sometimes weaken my oponents. If i am on the losing end well thats bad luck but then again, its a minority. We think it happens all the time because usually, its the reasons we are kicked out of tournaments.

And finally, perhaps the most annoying characteristic which is really the only thing that bothers me, (allthough it will not ruin my day)  is their attitude when they lose. They will insult you in every way they can. Not all of them of course but the real DONK will. Sometimes they even go to the extreme to wish death to you and your family...It happened to me and i 'm pretty sure it happened to many more...
The most important thing is not to lose your concentration, ignore them and expect all their chips to go in in the next 2-3 hands. Sometimes i like to respond to them to make sure they will go tilt and i only hope i will be the one collecting their chips :wink:


This hand cost me my run on sunday storm.It left me crippled and from then and on it was difficault to  with Its a very interesting hand with a miracle-card end!

No regrets, i played my cards right and lost to a miracle card! It happens!!

Thanks for reading!