Since i withdrew all my winnings and started from scratch, i had around $1.00 in my bankroll acc and a pending bonus. I got my bonus today after i participated in the final round for Greek Poker Cup which by the way was a truly enjoyable poker. Everyone knew what their doing and it was really high level poker.

Around 200 participated (buyin was 100 +9 euros) but i won a free ticket through a satellite of 5.50 i played around a week ago. I was doing pretty well, playing fantastic and i got my first big hand when i was on the button with 8 9 off and everyone folded to the small blind who raised from 30/60 to 180. I tried to defend my blinds and called and the flop was 3 8 9. He bets 250 and i flat called cause its a fragile hand, u never know. the turn showed a 10 and he fired another 550. I flat called again and the river card was a 9.
At that point i was hoping that he would make a bet that would commit him and he had another 1500 behind. Finally he fires another 850 and i raise all in. He of course called and showed QQ. Pretty bad play from the guy but i got lucky as well.

I was building my stack and at one point around 50ppl left and i had around 8k chips when i got JJ on the button.
A guy minraises UTG to 400, everyone folds and the guy from cutoff raised all in. His table image to me was a little loose with raising all in 3-4 times in the past 2-3 rounds. Once he had a caller and his cards were Q10 off. So i didnt think he had anything more than AT but i was concerned by the UTG raiser allthough his raise was not too much i thought he could be looking for a raise. I used almost all my time bank and my gut was telling me to fold and stay in the game but my gambling nature and a hand that wasnt so bad pushed me to call. The guy UTG raises all-in  for my rest 2k chips and at that point i realised i was screwed! Even if he had AQ AK i would need a dry board all the way... He showed QQ and the guy from cutoff showed AJ off :S
The loose guy got the pot with an ace on the turn.

After i finished the game i noticed that there was a late reg in the sunday 1/4 mil so i played there with the bonus that was unlocked.
42,000 ppl were playing :O
I did my best to win the maximum when i had the best hand and lose the minimum when i didnt. I played the whole tournament without even bluffing once, since i never had the chips to do so and i couldnt risk my precious chips for a bluff that probably wouldnt work with all these donks around
In tournaments like these, i like to save my chips for the good hands, so i can win more money in all-in situations.
So i finished in the money, place 2k or so and got me $35.00 which is ok i guess since i started the tournament in the last 5 mins of late reg. I didnt have the chance to play cheap the hands that would make big profits but hey, i dont complain!

Now that i got me $35 bucks bankroll i need to make a plan. A short term and a long term.
I will set up my new goals now.


  • Short term Goal : Make the $35 - $100

I will be playing around 5 $0.10 SNG per day, spending a total of $0.50 cents
If i make more than $10 bucks i will be investing the $2.00 or so in an MTT preferably 3k chips 10-15min blinds. I know its not too much but its what i can afford right now


  • Long term Goal: Make the $100 - $1,000

Once i make them $100 i am thinking of starting to grind in cash tables. I will re-evaluate the situation when i get there.

Hand of the day:  Notice how important is the position in this play

I call with 77 while in mid position ($200) the button calls and the big blind takes some time and then decides to just check.
Often its a tell that he may have some kind of a hand worth raising. Something like category 5-7
The flop shows 3s Ad 7h giving me my trips.
BB Bets 200 and i notice he has around 2k chips behind which i crave.
I flat call and the button folds. At that point i was hoping he had an ace.

The turn was 3s Ad 7h 9s fantastic turn since there was a fush draw and i could possible be put on a str8 draw. If he had the ace he would have to bet me out. At that point i was hoping that he makes 2 pair.
He fires 450 at that point leaving 1550 behind. I took some time to act and then i decided to flat call again.

The turn card was 3s Ad 7h 9s 10c. Good card in many ways. I could raise all in whatever he would bet making it look like a bluff attempt of a str8. My all in wouldnt be so convincing in case of a raise. I was just hoping that his bet would be commiting him.
The magic number of 850 appeared in front of him and that was my chance! I raised all in which was a little bit less than he had. He took a little time to act but in his head he knew that he was beat. Finally he made the call and stayed in the tournament with around $25 chips.
If he wasnt acting first he would probably get away from that hand with less loss, allthough almost nobody folds a flopped ace.

Thanks for reading!


p.s. Next time i ll put the hand of the day on the hand replayer so you can see how it went yourself